All Saint's church is a perfect venue for your wedding. Not only will you have a warm welcome, but the traditional stone-built design, the award-winning churchyard (one of the best kept in Shropshire), and the light and airy interior make it perfect for photos. Having God's blessing on your wedding is the best way to start married life.

If at least one partner lives in Hengoed or Gobowen and neither of you has been married before, you should normally be able to get married at All Saint's. In accordance with the Church of England's practise, those who have been married and divorced cannot normally be remarried in church. However in certain cases, providing certain conditions are met, an exception can be made. If neither partner lives in the parish, you may still be able to get married at All Saints if you have a valid 'qualifying connection'. Qualifying connections are specified in law and full details can be found on the Church of England's website:

We are also happy to conduct services of blessing - both for those who have just got married in a civil ceremony and also for those who were married years ago but want their marriage blessed.

The marriage service, and the promises you will be making, can be viewed on the Church of England website. There are many other useful sites for making your wedding preparations.

To apply, please contact Mrs Barbara Leonard,

The 2019 fees are as follows:
      £455 standard Church of England fee
      £30 calling of banns of marriage (for most weddings. For legal reasons other legal preliminaries may apply to some couples)
      £4 marriage certificate
      £12 verger
The following are optional extras:
      £50 organist
      £10 ringing of bells
      £20 license to use video